Class Descriptions

All Levels Flow

This class explores the postures and flow of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, with a focus on alignment and sensible sequencing. Each class is just right for those who have a grasp on the basics. You will be challenged as much or as little as you want. Under the watchful eye of your teacher you will grow stronger, steadier and more content simply by showing up.

Hatha Yoga/Qigong Flow

This series introduces the healing movements of a practice that inspired modern yoga asana: Qigong. Built on a Hatha framework this series  will take you through the movements of harnessing and distributing your life elixir: Chi. We will flow through Vinyasa sequences and integrate the slower more meditative healing movements of Qigong and meditation. Just right.

Basic Flow

Here we explore the basics of the early standing and balancing postures,Qigong and meditation instruction. With the use of props and a slower pace, we take the time needed to fully grasp the basics

Sunday Sangha-4:30-5:45

Meditation instruction

In this class: We will practice gentle yoga postures and qigong to move us naturally into meditation and discussion of a specific topic each week. In this way we deepen our community as we lay down these roots to create a sangha (spiritual gathering) of our own. 

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